Primary Colors Mobile

For Montessori infants, there are a series of mobiles to help stimulate the senses. These are about $50 (give or take) each, which can get rather expensive. My crafty do-it-myself side thought, “I can make those!” But it’s time consuming and the baby is due in about 6 weeks. I finally finished the Primary Colors Mobile, which is to be introduced at 12-18 months. So… I should have worked on one of the earlier ones… but… alas, this one looked like it was the easiest to tackle.

I needed some wooden discs, twine, a dowel, glue, paint, and some eye-screws. This probably cost me about $8 total, not counting the full price for the paint. I got the dowel and eye-screws from the hardware store, I had the wood glue, the twine is from Goodwill, and the rest is from the craft store.

My mother-in-law cut slits half way through each disc (she has a band saw). I glued them together like so.



Then I painted them. I drilled a pilot hole in the top of each and inserted the screw, measured the twine, and attached everything to my dowel.








I considered painting the dowel but couldn’t decide on a color. I suppose I have 12-18 months to figure it out.

Thanks for reading!

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