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Primary Colors Mobile

For Montessori infants, there are a series of mobiles to help stimulate the senses. These are about $50 (give or take) each, which can get rather expensive. My crafty do-it-myself side thought, “I can make those!” But it’s time consuming and the baby is due in about 6 weeks. I finally finished the Primary Colors Mobile, which is to be introduced at 12-18 months. So… I should have worked on one of the earlier ones… but… alas, this one looked like it was the easiest to tackle.

I needed some wooden discs, twine, a dowel, glue, paint, and some eye-screws. This probably cost me about $8 total, not counting the full price for the paint. I got the dowel and eye-screws from the hardware store, I had the wood glue, the twine is from Goodwill, and the rest is from the craft store.

My mother-in-law cut slits half way through each disc (she has a band saw). I glued them together like so.



Then I painted them. I drilled a pilot hole in the top of each and inserted the screw, measured the twine, and attached everything to my dowel.








I considered painting the dowel but couldn’t decide on a color. I suppose I have 12-18 months to figure it out.

Thanks for reading!

No-So Pink Tower

The Pink Tower is a Montessori activity for 3-3 1/2 year olds that helps the child learn a number of things. Visual discrimination of large to small, comparatives, superlatives, dimensions, refinement of visual-motor coordination, concentration, and is an introduction to mathematics.  For more information about the Pink Tower and how it is used, look here:

These run about $70, give or take. They are made of wood and are painted pink. I, trying to be budget friendly and crafty, am attempting to make one myself. I found four pieces at a craft store and stained them with olive oil. This way I don’t have to pay the insane price for soy based paint or worry about my paint job. Olive oil is safe and it retained the natural beauty of the wood.



So here is my four piece natural tower. Little Jams has played with it, properly, a number of times already. The rest of the pieces will be a little more challenging because I’ll have to size them up and cut them accordingly. This portion, so far, cost me about $1.25, about 1/2 tsp of olive oil, and 10 minutes.

This is one of many… many projects I’m working on. I’ll post more when there’s some progress. Take care!