Little Jams likes to pour when he has the opportunity, so I based todays activity on pouring from one glass to the other. It’s suggested to start with similar  glasses, and since  the only ones I have to fit that description are tequila shot glasses, I went with those.  He wants to pick both glasses up and pour that way, but I’m encouraging him to lift only the one he’s pouring. He spilled twice, I just refilled the glass and we moved on.  This is day one of this activity,  He’ll get better with time. I may try it again this afternoon, depending on his interest level.                                                          securedownload-12securedownload-13 securedownload-14

We also worked on some shape recognition, the circle and the star were the subjects. I will build on those this week, showing circles and stars whenever I can. I also showed him the words to start some word recognition.  Our final activity was a suggestion from Productive Parenting,  http://www.productiveparenting.com. It’s a great site with many activity suggestions. I get an email once a week with a new activity for Little Jams’ age. I took pictures of five objects that he knows and put them in the room. I showed him the picture and he, with a little coaxing, went and found them. Two were in a different room, one of which he found quickly and brought over. He’d lost interest before looking for the final item. I showed him where it was and then he began playing with it. Again, day one of this activity. I’m not expecting too much of him today, but I’ll see if he’s interested again tomorrow.